As a committee member you help make us a thriving and impactful group! Whether you have been appointed as a committee chair or serve as a committee member, this is a great way to connect, build/share your skills and improve our community.

Charity Relations Committee

This team manages our member nominations and ensure that each nominated charity meets our required criteria before being considered for a quarterly donation. Once a charity becomes approved, this person keeps detailed records in accordance with our process. Works directly with Charity Relations Director.

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Member Relations Committee

This team welcomes our new members via email and works on a communications calendar to ensure each member stays informed about 100 Women Who Give a Hoot news/events. Works directly with Membership Relations Director.

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Social Media Committee

This person/team are responsible for updating our social media pages on a regular basis, to include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. HootSuite knowledge helpful, but not mandatory. This person communicates regularly with the President and Membership Relations Director to manage messaging and content.

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Public Relations Committee

This person/team are responsible for sharing the quarterly meeting pre and post-success stories with the media (to include tv, print, radio and online). Some PR experience helpful. This person communicates regularly with the President and the Treasurer.

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Marketing Committee

This person/team is always looking for great ways to get our name out within our community! This includes representing 100 Women Who Give a Hoot at networking events and securing relevant speaking engagements to help us spread the word. Works closely with President and Membership Relations.

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Sponsorships Committee

This person/team is identifying local businesses who share a common interest in giving back to our community and build mutually beneficial partnerships with them. Works closely with Event Manager and President.

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Event Committee

This team includes greeters, set-up/tear-down, registration, AV coordinator, photo booth management, ballot & check collectors and product sales. Work closely with Event Manager.

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Design Committee

This person/team is creates/updates graphics with current info for social media, web and print. Adobe CS5 experience (Illustrator/Photoshop) is helpful and WordPress website design and development experience is a plus!

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Donation Trackers

This person/team is responsible to follow up with members for quarterly contributions through emails and phone calls.  Works closely with Treasurer.

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We’re excited to expand the leadership opportunities for our members! Filling a leadership role does not mean that you are required to do the job alone. Being a leader simply means that you are responsible for ensuring that the job gets done. As a leader, you are allowed – indeed, encouraged to ask other members/committees to help you fulfill your duties.


The secretary carries out or delegates all the administrative duties that enable the group and its members to function effectively.

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Social Media

Our Social Media Manager is an ambassador for our group, always looking to tell others about how 100 Women Who Give a Hoot gives back to the community!

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Public Relations

As our Public Relations Director, you share the stories of impact and celebrate the successes that our meetings have within our community.

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