As the Membership Relations Director, you create a fun climate that attracts new members and keeps current members involved. Responsibilities include:

  • Creates/manages a membership communications calendar (email communications). These emails include but are not limited to the following basic themes: Save the Date, And the Award Recipient is…, Submit your Donation, Donation amount updates, Nominate your 3 today, Mark your calendars, Ladies Nights, See you tomorrow!, etc.
  • Develop content for email campaigns for our events using MailChimp
  • Oversee Database Maintenance
  • Add new members to our systems:¬†MailChimp database, GAH.Membership Document
  • Maintain up to date contact information
  • Keep accurate records of “inactive” or “unsubscribed” members and update records accordingly.
  • Send¬†Welcome Communications template to New Members
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